Restaurant Review: Redbud Ice House

Redbud Ice House is the latest Austin project from MaieB Hospitality, the team behind local favorites like Olamaie, Little Ola’s, and Maie Day. MaieB knows how to navigate the sometimes-contradictory vibes of present-day Austin, and their well-honed aesthetic is in full force at Redbud. Ironic yet sincere, trendy yet humble, chef-driven yet unpretentious: It’s a tough balancing act, but it’s one that Redbud Ice House achieves (for the most part).

The Boot Scootin’ Rise of Cowboy Boots in Mainstream Fashion

These days, you can spy cowboy boots—sturdy and crafted in leather of all shades—on the streets of NYC, LA, and even as far afield as London and Paris. Originally designed for cowhands, ranchers, and rodeo riders, the footwear has a long history in Texas and other parts of the American West. But like a lot of workwear styles, cowboy boots are also currently trending for the fashion cognoscenti. Lately, the utilitarian and regionally specific footwear is a regular sight at fashion weeks, red carpet events, and on Instagram feeds. Ask Texas bootmakers, though, and they'll insist the cowboy boot’s stylish rise to fame—yes, even before Beyoncé’s hit country song—makes perfect sense.

Dietitians and Bartenders Alike Are Begging You To Stop Putting Collagen in Your Cocktails

When it comes to off-the-wall drinks that are just weird enough to work, no one does them better than TikTokers. When the platform responsible for recent trends like onion water and Parmesan Espresso Martinis mixes wellness claims into cocktail recipes, the results can be…well…iffy, to say the least. While most good-for-you viral beverages lean in a non-alcoholic direction—hey there, Sleepy Girl Mocktail—some TikTokers and brands have started playing around with boozy libations that include nutritional supplements. One of the most notable examples of this rising trend is the "collagen cocktail," or an alcoholic drink with collagen powder or liquid collagen added to the mix.

First Look: The Statesman

“Supper club.” It’s a phrase that evokes a hospitality era from yesteryear, but in a conveniently unspecific way. Restaurant concepts with retro vibes and nostalgic references do well these days, and “supper club” conjures up a certain level of midcentury coziness and a whiff of exclusivity. The nuts and bolts of its definition can easily take a backseat to a pretty setting, a hearty yet slightly elevated menu, and a collection of classic cocktails, all of which are present and accounted for at the Statesman, a New American “supper club” that opens in Downtown Austin on January 19.

35 Gifts for a Well-Stocked Home Bar

If you have a friend or family member on your gift list who loves to whip up a fresh batch of old fashioneds , who has very strong opinions about glassware styles and cocktail shaker design, and who wants to keep building their mixology knowledge and skills, then we’ve got just the roundup for you. These 35 items represent the latest and greatest bar-related gifts, all sure to keep your aspiring beverage maestro well-equipped and inspired.

Meet Uchiba, Chef Tyson Cole's New Gourmet Cocktail Lounge in Downtown Austin

It’s no secret that Chef Tyson Cole knows how to make a major impression on Austin’s dining scene. His iconic sushi restaurant Uchi regularly ranks among Austin’s most critically celebrated eateries, his more casual spot Uchiko is a happy hour all-star, and Loro (his collab with fellow Austin legend Aaron Franklin) attracts enthusiastic crowds on a daily basis. That’s why we were so excited to learn that Cole planned to open an Austin location of Uchiba, his stylish Dallas cocktail bar.

Proud Mary Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

There's an undeniable Instagramminess to Proud Mary, the airy Australia-inspired cafe tucked right off of South Lamar Boulevard. Blond wood, succulents, floods of natural light, neutral tones – Proud Mary has such an on-trend aesthetic that it feels easy to dismiss it as a see-and-be-seen spot for aspiring influencers and "cool kids." But to judge Proud Mary purely on its photo-friendly looks would be a mistake.

Texas’s Biggest Barbecue City Is Attracting a New Crop of Exciting Restaurants

Central Texas is considered an iconic barbecue destination for good reason, but when it comes to specific communities upholding all things smoked meats, the town of Lockhart — located just 30 miles from Austin — commands particular respect. Known as the “barbecue capital of Texas,” the superlative feels well-earned given that Lockhart is home to decades-old staples like Kreuz Market (which opened in 1900), Black’s BBQ (1932), and Smitty’s Market (1948). But, in recent years, Lockhart has proven that it doesn’t want to rest on its smokehouse laurels. Due to rising costs in Texas’s large cities (*cough* Austin *cough*), people reevaluating their priorities during the pandemic, and the allure of a small town with serious charm, Lockhart is growing in size and its food scene is following suit. There’s been a remarkable rise in new food and beverage businesses in Lockhart’s downtown business district — with exciting spots like Commerce Cafe, Old Pal Texas Tavern, Little Trouble, Best Little Wine & Books, and Barbs B Q all emerging since the start of the pandemic — and trends show no sign of slowing.

The New Key West Cocktail Scene

In many ways, Key West is a barfly’s paradise. It features lax open-container policies, very late last calls, a rich history of high-profile bar regulars, including Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams, and an impressive bars-per-capita count. But because of Key West’s tropical-island vibe and popularity as a day-trip stop for cruise ships, the city’s cocktail scene is often associated with the sugar-bombed frozen piña coladas and strawberry daiquiris sold in huge plastic novelty glasses on Duval Street. In more recent years, however, local bartenders and craft distillers have made it their mission to give Key West imbibers higher-quality drink options without sacrificing the laidback energy that defines the region.

Meet Flor Xakali, Nixta Taqueria's Tasting Menu Dinner Series

Austinites who love delicious, inventive, and homegrown food already tend to be huge fans of Nixta Taqueria, the casual East Austin restaurant where executive chef (and James Beard Award winner) Edgar Rico and his wife and co-owner Sara Mardanbigi serve lively and contemporary spins on classic Mexican dishes in a charmingly quirky space. Nixta has proudly operated under a no-reservations policy since it first opened, but they’ve now launched a dining activation for those who don’t mind planning ahead: Flor Xakali, a tasting menu experience guided by Chef Rico which features dishes inspired by Rico’s heritage and childhood.

We Asked 10 Pitmasters: What Are You Drinking While Grilling This 4th of July?

For many Americans, cookouts and the 4th of July are linked in a totally unshakeable way. These outdoor events offer amateur pitmasters and pro barbecue chefs alike a prime opportunity to show off their grilling skills by serving up celebratory platters of burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and more to their hungry guests. That’s a big job with a lot of responsibility, so it seems logical that barbecuers will need a cold and refreshing beverage to keep them going throughout the festivities.

Why Natural Wine Is the Biggest Drink Trend in Austin Right Now

What exactly is "natural" wine? It's a question that I've grappled with while enjoying a glass of natural Grenache on the huge outdoor patio of LoLo wine bar and bottle shop in East Austin or a bottle of pét-nat (short for "pétillant naturel") at the sleek bar of Golden Hour in far South Austin. My wish to better understand these quirky wines led me to ask experts from all over Austin what we're really talking about when we talk about "natural wine."
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